Thursday, May 31, 2012

Top 10 Most Awesome Things Said By My Students

Here’s a list of the top 10 most awesome things my elementary and middle school aged students have said to me while teaching at ‘hagwons’ (Korean for ‘academy’. After regular school, Korean students go to academies every day, that specialize in one topic such as math, music, or in my case, English). Note, instead of ‘Mr. Johnson’ etc., teachers are called by the title ‘Sung-saeng-nim’ (teacher) in regular schools. It carries over to the English academies but as the English translation, ‘Teacher’.
10. “Teacher, your hair is trashy.”
9 . “Why don’t girls like you?”
8. From a spiky-haired, permanent mischievous-grin wearing 10 year-old boy: “Teacher, do you know what ‘anus’ is?” (class laughs)
7. “(Insert any of my co-workers names) is a better teacher than you.”
6. After making a corny joke: “Teacher, you are not funny.” Hearing the crickets is bad enough isn’t it?
5. In the middle of class: “Teacher, can I sleep?”
4. From the same boy as number 8: “Teacher, do you know what ‘testicle’ is?” (class laughs)
3. “Teacher, your clothes look poor.”
2. After asking an 8 YEAR-OLD BOY to turn off his cell phone. “Kae-seki…” This literally means ‘son of a dog’ but is closer to ‘motherfucker’ in obscenity level. Like the title of this post says - awesome.
1. And my favorite, from the same boy as numbers 8 and 4: “Teacher, I have invented a new word: ‘anusticle’. (class laughs hysterically)